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Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF ) is a walling system originally developed in Germany in the 1970s

The Advantages of ICF

ICF evolved from the concept of traditionally poured reinforced concrete walls. The main variance being, the formworks used to create the walls are made using EPS insulation and remain in place to provide superior thermal resistance. This combined with the inherent thermal mass and air tightness poured concrete provides the perfect base for a passively energy efficient building structure and that can meet the rigorous standards for ‘Passive House Certification’.


Numerous finishes can simply be applied to the internal and external faces of the wall using standard methods to suit your requirements. Internal services can also be chased into the wall to simplify the works for following trades.


We have extensive experience with numerous traditional, precast concrete and ICF systems and can provide a complete concrete frame solution using your preferred systems.

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