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Beam and Block floors consist of precast prestressed concrete beams spaced at centres to suit the use of standard concrete blocks as infill between the beams.


The beam is of high strength concrete and reinforced with high tensile wire and is thus an extremely efficient structural member.

At Skyrodema we have trading relationships with many manufacturers to offer what we believe to be the widest selection of 150, 175 and 225 deep beams in the UK market. 

Beam & Block is the preferred solution for suspended ground floors in housing and in many other construction projects.

The Advantages of Beam & Block

Beams are used in conjunction with standard building blocks which are commonly available from producers and Builders Merchants throughout the country, the system provides an extremely economic floor.

Simple accommodation of site services
Service runs are accommodated around the perimeter of the floor, within the floor finish or ceiling void. Holes through the floor are provided simply by removing a block, or by drilling through a block for smaller services or by trimming with additional beams if larger holes are required.

Fire Resistance
The standard Beam section generally provides a floor with a 1 hour fire resistance.

The addition of suitable ceiling finishes will enhance the fire resistance of either floor construction.

Soffit Finishes
A wide range of ceiling fixings are available to provide a simple suspended ceiling system.

Immediate Working Platform
Once a Beam and Block floor is erected, it is immediately available as a working platform.

No Propping
Propping is generally not required with Beam and Block floors. Compare this with the large amount of floor propping required with insitu and semi-insitu floor systems.

Nationally available
Our Beams are produced in a number of locations throughout the UK in order to provide maximum economy to most geographical areas. Standard blocks are used for infill and are always available locally. The user has the benefit of a high quality structural floor at optimum cost.

Factory Produced to Rigorous Quality Standards
Because precast floors are factory produced, they are manufactured in an environment which is more readily controlled than a building site.

Quality control systems are properly implemented and are independently examined on a regular basis under the British Standards Institution Quality Assurance Scheme.

As a customer, you can be sure that all aspects of our production, design, detailing and quality control have been independently inspected and have achieved the high level of competence and quality required by the British Standards Institution.

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