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Hollowcore Floors are manufactured using a long line casting technique with automatic casting equipment which places high strength, low water/cement ratio concrete under a high degree of vibration and compaction.

The section profile incorporates hollow cores to reduce self-weight without significant reduction in section stiffness.

Reinforcement is by high tensile prestressing strand or wire which has an ultimate strength of more than 3 times that of conventional high tensile reinforcement.

The structural performance resulting from the combination of those featured produces a slab which is highly efficient and economic for any load/span situation.

Advantages of Hollowcore Floors

Speed of Erection
Time-consuming activities such as propping, shuttering and concrete pouring are virtually eliminated.

Shelf Angle Bearing
Slab ends can be notched during manufacture to facilitate a bearing within the depth of a main supporting steel. This minimises storey height, with substantial cost benefits arising from reduced cladding costs, lower internal fitting costs, etc.

No Propping
Propping is generally not required with Hollow Core floors. Compare this with the large amount of propping required with insitu and semi-insitu floor systems. 

Fire Resistance
Standard precast floors can be supplied generally with a fire resistance for up to 2 hours.

Minimum Insitu Concrete
Using a precast floor, a large volume of work is carried out off-site and saves what can be a complex and time-consuming site operation which is subject to the vagaries of the climate.

Immediate Unpropped Working Platform
Once a precast floor is erected, it is immediately available as a working platform. 

Preformed Site Services
Precast floors can be provided with factory formed service holes thus avoiding laborious setting out and shuttering on site.

Long Spans/Product Types
At Skyrodema we are able to Supply and Install Hollowcore Floors from 100m to 500m Deep Thick offering one of the most comprehensive ranges in the industry.

Flexibility of Design Approach
Precast floors are available with a variety of factory formed notches, slots and reinforcement arrangements which offer various design approaches.

Structural Efficiency
Hollowcore floors offers the ideal structural section by reducing the deadweight whilst providing the maximum structural efficiency within the slab depth.

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